greg gillies

Give Yourself These Xmas Gifts

As you count down the days till Xmas… make sure you give yourself these Free Gifts 🎁 … 👇

🛑 STOP your Mind and allow yourself some much need silence after a huge 2021… Go for a walk/hike and set the intension of resting your Mind over the holidays

🤔 REFLECT on what you have achieved , be proud of your resilience throughout a turbulent 2021 … write down all you have achieved this year big and small … give yourself a pat on the back

🙌 LET GO of the Stressful Energy in your Mind and Body , leave it in 2021 … thank it for getting you through … go get a really long relaxing massage

😇 BE PRESENT over the Holidays and truly embrace the people in your life … stop planning or thinking about 2022 … what will be will be … now is time for being fully present

2021 has been an incredible year for everyone’s growth and evolution… no matter what you went through this year … if you don’t Stop, Reflect, Let Go and Be Present then before you know it 2022 will be in full swing …

Have a wonderful Xmas everyone and I hope Santa 🎅 brings you what you wanted


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