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Have you had a lot of Challenges and Adversity this Year? GOOD!!!

Have you had a lot of Challenges and Adversity this Year? GOOD!!!

What you need to understand is that if you are striving for and wanting positive change and growth in life… then 👇

👉 Life will always give you whatever experience is most helpful for your evolution…

However this is most often Negative as it gives you what opposes this positive change & growth you desire… which your mind labels as negative!

So why do you fight yourself internally , get stressed, angry and pissed off when the universe sends you these experiences that are perceived as negative?

👉 Because you’ve been conditioned to chase being comfortable, safe and in control … (all an illusion of the mind)

When your mind aviods dealing with the experience, adversity or opposed negative, it will play havoc on your fear based responses , and want to avoid any discomfort, uncertainty and lack of control (again an illusion of the mind)

🧠 When you allow your Mind to do this, you will never achieve the Growth, Change and Evolution you truly desire …

Instead you’ll question everything and say things like “why is this happening to me” (making you a victim)

💡 Remember everything, even the stuff that sucks , is happening for you, not to you …

You just need to understand universal law, energy and how the mind works…

💪 Instead learn to embrace the experience, challenges etc, step into the pain and finally heal and deal with whatever is opposing your growth and stopping you from the life you truly desire …

This is where the Magic of incredible growth happens !

Have an amazing weekend 🙏

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