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Have You Lived Your Life Trying to Seek your Father’s Approval

Are you still trying to Seek Your Fathers Approval?

Lets get real for a minute Men! Please Read then Watch 👇

The Industrial Revolution and the promises of opportunity and wealth creation had a Huge downside for Men…

Men left the Home as the King to earn Money and provide for his Family … Leaving Mum to play both roles as a parent.

The Generational affects this has had on Men (esp. Gen X & Baby Boomers) is they weren’t taught how to be a Man, they didn’t get much Love, Attention & Approval from their Father…

Which created a Generational Mindset Programming of Seeking our Fathers approval, love and validation … Which turned a lot of Men into Hard Working/High Achievers Driven by deep unconscious programming of Not Good Enough, Unloved and Unworthy…

You may not be aware you have this Programming but if you are aware and its not serving you then reach out, leave a comment or book a call for a chat 👊

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