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Here’s what have I learnt on this LinkedIn Journey 👇

I’m Humbled, Grateful & Proud of myself for making THE TOP 50 MOST IMPACTFUL PEOPLE ON LINKEDIN  … Here’s what have I learnt on this LinkedIn Journey 👇

👉 2.5 years ago I made the decision to go all in on LinkedIn as my primary Social Platform for attracting clients …

This meant becoming a PRODUCER VS CONSUMER of content “Scary” … all the thoughts racing through my Mind, what do I say❓ what if I sound stupid❓ who will care what I have to say❓ etc etc

😟 I literally couldn’t hit record, so I started doing morning Walk, Talks as my morning walk got me in a Physical state where my Mind would calm down …

I made a rule with myself , 1 take, no edits , just post it 🤞

NOW 100% of our clients come from LinkedIn, not from DM strategies, not from Ads … 100% are attracted to Tracey Gillies and I from Posting Real, Impactful, Vulnerable and Genuine value based Content

What Have I learnt over the past 2.5 years on LinkedIn

1 Make the decision to be a Producer vs a Consumer
2 Be very clear who you Serve, become a Niche Expert
3 You have to be you, Stop comparing yourself to others
4 Support the heck out of other peoples content, selfish people crash and burn on LinkedIn
5 Either get yourself Invited to Support groups or create one yourself and invite others
6 Plan your weeks content in advance and be consistent
7 Don’t post Shit just cause you feel you need to post … Quality over Quantity “This is your Brand”
8 Leverage all content strategies e.g. Video, Articles, Written Posts, Memes, Carousals etc (Video is king for attracting clients)
9 DON’T be lazy and only post Polls as your strategy for vanity metrics … you’re adding no value

There is so much more room for Quality Content Producers on LinkedIn and its very easy to stand out if you follow the above 9 points

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Prepared and Presented from the legendary Ahmad Imam

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and congrats to the other 49 Impactful People on LinkedIn

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