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How Conflicts in Communication Slowly Destroys Relationships

How to Improve your Marriage’s Communication Conflicts❗

Communication is the key to every Relationship… With my clients the number one Relationship the gets into Conflict fast and easily is their Marriage…

Common Conflicts could be:
👉 Finances, Parenting, Housework, Not Being Present, Lack of Quality Time, Not Listening, No Intimacy, Feeling Unsupported and millions of other things…

When we get in these Conflicts of Communication we will do 1 of 2 things :

1️⃣. We Fight -> which is trying to gain a level of control
2️⃣. We Flight -> start avoiding the Communication all together

Both of these responses or reactions will Slowly Destroy the Relationship , as Poor Communication turns into a lack of Connection, which turns into a Lack of Intimacy…

There’s a 3rd option -> which takes a huge amount of self awareness, compassion & empathy, which is why most people don’t do it:

3️⃣. Holding the Space -> when you can hold the Space long enough & allow the other person to communicate what they really mean and need from the relationship.
(This can only be accomplished if you have done the Internal work on yourself, that you don’t get triggered or enter the Conflict..

In this Video 🎥 I discuss all of the above and more …

👉 If you want to do the Internal Work to Heal, be Calm, be Present and Improve Communication in your Relationships

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