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How do you Think the Pandemic has affected MEN?

One of the Questions I was asked in a recent interview with Adrian Lea was ….

Q. How do you Think the Pandemic has affected MEN?

A. It’s 2 fold …
Its been really Positive for a lot of Men and really Negative for a lot of Men

1️⃣ The Positive – As a lot of Men were focused to stay home with Family through lockdowns and new work environment changing … They have naturally had an opportunity to slow down and reflect on what’s important in life …
This reflection has enable a lot of Men to re-prioritize their life and put more focus on Family and Lifestyle
“This is a beautiful thing”

2️⃣ The Negative – A lot of Men have struggled through this time as they have been triggered by fear, lost, uncertainty and many other emotions that as Men we try and avoid…
Many Men over this pandemic have not managed their Mental Health, have been caught up in the hysteria, conspiracy, frustration etc … and as they feel Victimised by circumstances they cannot control then bad habits like Drinking, Emotional Outbursts and Negative self talk have worsened

👉 Ultimately the Pandemic is not the problem but more an event that has highlighted where we are all at and an opportunity for everyone not just Men to either Evolve or De-evolve …

We always have a choice ☝

🎥 Please watch the Video as I go deeper into this question which has effected all Humans not just Men

There is never a greater time than NOW to work on yourself and continue to Evolve in good times and in bad …

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