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How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 1: CAUSE VS. SYMPTOM

How to Develop Mental Wellness 🧠…. mini series

After talking to 100s of Men the No.1 area in their Life they want to improve is their Mental Health & Mindset…

So over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a 5 part Mini series on some Key fundamentals to Improving Mental Wellness

🎥 Video 1 … Cause vs Symptom … its so easy to focus on the Symptom without truly understanding the Cause behind our Mental Health struggles…
(Ironically this is byproduct of being stuck in our Analytical Mind)

If You Are A:
👉 People Pleaser
👉 Always Seeking other peoples approval
👉 You care what other people think of you
👉 You Overthink everything
👉 You never feel Good Enough
etc etc

Then you might Resonate with my Story inside this first Video

If this resonates , please book a call with me

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