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How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 2: SLOWDOWN … DO LESS


Video 2/5 :  SLOWDOWN … DO LESS

Why does Warren Buffet live in his original home in Omaha? Because its away from the Noise and Chaos of society, where he can Slow Down, Think Clearly and take time to make Smart Decisions!!!

Are you caught up in the Noise of our fast paced World? Are you continually thinking of everything you Want and Need to do?

We get daily messages and marketing with new Shiny Objects and told to Work harder, Hustle, Grind , 10x everything in your life if you want to achieve Success and Happiness…

The Truth is its B.S… it’s Hypnotic Herd Mentality from Influencers who have Monetised Fear & Scarcity… and it’s stopping you from achieving true Happiness and Fulfillment … WHY?

Because to develop Mental Health and Mental Wellness its not what you achieve External to yourself, Its what you achieve Internally !

If you don’t SLOW right down, Do Less and start listening to your Inner Intuition for Guidance you will continue to create unnecessary Mental, Physical and Emotional Stress on yourself…

Enjoy the Video , love to hear your thoughts and experiences ? 👇👇

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