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How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 3: DEEP SURVIVAL STRESS

People either don’t understand the Importance of this or are unaware of how it is slowly killing them !

🎥 Video 3 … Deep Survival Stress … this is the true underlying cause of all Illness and Disease

Most of the population have Deep Survival Stress which is the over-activation of our Sympathetic Nervous System …

WHY ❓ do people not understand or take this seriously when it is slowly killing them?

Because its the same as the Analogy of “Boiling the Frog” — the frog doesn’t notice the water temperature raising so stays in the comfortable warm water until its to late and boils to death… (That is Deep Survival Stress)

As the Mind & Body are connected through the Central Nervous System, so you’ll never create optimal Mental Wellness if you carry Deep Survival Stress in your body…

I hope this Video provides some important information in your Journey to optimal Mental Wellness 😁🧠🙌

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