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How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 4: GUT HEALTH

Lets go deeper today into a very Important area GUT HEALTH … Although Physical, it has a huge effect on your Mental Wellness also

🎥 Video 4… GUT HEALTH … This is a biggie and for years I had a poor attitude and would say “I Have A Cast Iron Gut” and continue to abuse it with Alcohol, processed foods and so much more…

This led to Skin Problems (Eczema), Food Intolerances, damaged Microbiome, Inflammation, Parasites and so much more

Even after Quitting Alcohol, removing Wheat, reducing Dairy, Sugar and eating organic or spray free Fruit & Veg I still have more work to Heal my Gut , but the changes I’ve experienced are amazing so far…

If you want to be in optimal Mental & Physical Health you must focus on your Gut Health as a priority

Hope you enjoy the Video and if it resonates please book a call with me

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