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How to get your HUSBAND help when he DENIES he has a Problem?

How to get your Husband help, when he denies he has a Problem ❓

I received a private message from a lady asking me the following question…

Now the answer in my Video may not be the answer she was looking for, I could have given her a bunch of tips and strategies… yet I believe from experience this is the best thing Woman can do based on this question 👇

Hi Greg. I so appreciate and admire the work you are doing. Your videos resonate so strongly with me and give me hope for my husband. I have a question for you, maybe one you could address in a video. When you are the spouse or the partner, how can you best support and encourage your partner to seek help – especially when he denies that he has a problem? Any personal or professional insights appreciated. Thank you.

If your Husband is open to working on himself then please share my details with him …

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