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I feel like I’m Living the Life of the Person I’ve always meant to be

“I feel like I’m Living the Life of the Person I’ve always meant to be” 👇

Meet Narinder (Nindy), Husband, Father & Managing Director of Singh Consulting a successful building surveyor & consulting practice H/O in Melbourne…

👉 When Nindy come to us he was running a very successful business, had an amazing lifestyle, family and business BUT he wasn’t enjoying it … 10 years of dedication and sacrifice to build an amazing business had now consumed him and weighing him down…

Nindy was stuck in the cycle of taking on more and more, slogging it out and fighting the battles of business… This was making him disconnected at home with his Wife and Kids, feeling stressed and tired all the time as he felt he had NO TIME and reverting to alcohol as his only means of relaxing and unwind!

WHO❓ Narinder Singh

PROBLEM: Nindy was highly driven by Ego, stuck in the programs of working harder & taking on more and more… He was disconnected from his wife his kids & himself, struggling to maintain health habits and not seeing a way out of the Grind of business so he could truly relax, be present, content and enjoy the amazing his life he had!

WHAT DID HE WANT: Nindy wanted to find himself, he wanted help transitioning to the next stage of life, he wanted to remove himself from the business, he wanted to relax and be present… Ultimately he wanted to invest more quality time into his family

SOLUTION: Nindy joined “The Evolved CEO program” – (our private 6 Months Healing, Alignment and Manifestation Program designed for Successful Married Businessmen to take their Whole Life to the Next Level)

DID IT WORK❓ Nindy’s words
“I feel like I’ve lived more life in the last 2 months than I did in the last 10 years”
“In the last year I have grown the business to the point where its the biggest its been in 10 years, I did that by spending less time in the office ever, I’m now present for my family in a way I’ve never been for them, and I now have so much spare time I’m able to set my new mission and vision in helping underprivileged children across the world”

👉 Nindy has incredible Spiritual gifts that we have helped him awaken and access to experience Paradigm shifts in his life and the people around him… It all begins with healing and aligning your Mind, Body, Energy & Soul !

There was to much amazing content to share in this post so if you want to learn more about Nindys journey please see the 2 x YouTube video


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