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I remember back in School days if someone said “You Love Yourself” it was an insult

I remember back in School days if someone said “You Love Yourself” it was an insult ❗️ They’d say ….

You’re up yourself or you’re vain or it’s not good …

This is just one example of an early Childhood program that conditions so many people to Limit themselves … through fear of what others will say or think …

For Married Businessmen with Kids like myself … The effects of not Learning how to Love and Respect yourself is dramatically amplified…

1️⃣ Your Children 👉 will model your behaviour, words and energy … if you don’t show them what a Masculine Man who Loves and Respects himself looks like…. Your Sons will follow in your footsteps, repeat your mistakes and your Daughters will attract a Man who also has low self love and respect … both going through avoidable pain and suffering ❗️

2️⃣ Your Wife 👉 when you don’t Love and Respect yourself your Love tank will be empty and you’ll come home expecting your Wife to fill it … this will wear thin and she will start resenting you as she feels you’re like another Child and she is not your mother… your Marriage will suffer❗️

3️⃣ Your Business 👉 when you don’t Love and Respect yourself people will put all them problems and stresses on to you … you will become a slave to your Business as your constantly working in it when you desperately want to work on it … Your Business is a direct reflection of you ❗️

So HOW do you start to Love Yourself❓

👉 You must reprogram the root cause of these beliefs
👉 You must tame the Ego for putting you in fear based cycles & patterns
👉 You must Heal and process your trapped Emotional Energy
👉 You must Heal and Respect your Physical Body, appearance and Self Image
👉 You must re-prioritise your Life beginning with Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health
👉 You must go on a Spiritual and Energy healing journey
👉 You must Listen, Respect and show up for your Wife and Kids
👉 You must create Boundaries and Processes in Business to shield yourself for problems and drama
👉 Ultimately you must open yourself up to new ways of becoming your best self

The above is not easy or you’d already have Mastered them all …

👉 If you are Serious about Mastering your Life and learning how to Love and Respect yourself in the process … Then you’ll need to get help from someone who has done it already ❤️

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