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I remember feeling Stuck all the time

I remember feeling Stuck all the time ☹️

Felt like I could never get a break…

👉No matter how hard I tried there was more unresolved issues or areas of my life needing work

I didn’t realise at the time that I was attracting it all …

👉My Beliefs, Energy and Actions were constantly trying to prove myself, to gain validation through Success

Everything I focused on was external to myself … I was only happy when I achieved something and felt validated for a small period of time

And if I ever focused on myself it was a beat up …

☹️Why did you drink some much

☹️Why did you say that

☹️Why can’t you stay committed to exercise

☹️Why do you over eat

Etc etc

I was saying to the Universe I want for everything BUT I don’t deserve it 😞

😳 My confidence was fake , I got anxiety when I did something wrong (expecting the worst) and the idea of Self Love was for weirdos

So what changed❓

👉I had to do things differently

👉I had to heal my Inner Child

👉I had to reprogram my Unconscious Beliefs

👉I had to release and process my Emotions

👉I had to heal my Body from years of Stress

👉I had to STOP doing everything for what others would think

👉I had to go through my Spiritual Awakening

👉I had to align my whole life

👉I had to learn how to be Present

I had to have a complete Paradigm Shift about what is True and what is my Truth

… The list goes on ….

👉If you are Living your Life trying to Prove yourself YET deep down you don’t know who you are or how to be truly Happy … then you should do what I did 😁

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