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Is Alcohol Holding You Back?

I was talking with a Client about how much Alcohol plays a huge part in his life and how badly he wants to cut it out …

This client is a very Successful Businessmen in the Construction Industry, so his friends all the way back from high school through to his staff, clients and colleagues …

A lot of his catch ups are revolved Alcohol 🍺

I can relate to my clients so deeply on this topic as I grew up around Alcohol, it was everywhere and become a big part of my Identity from school mates, Rugby, Corporate culture and so on

Wo why do we struggle to cut back or quit Alcohol when we know it doesn’t serve us or it’s holding us back ?

Because it is part of our Identity, and trying to Stop or Quit drinking Alcohol requires an Identity shift …

And to change your Identity for a better version of yourself is hard, confronting and for most people virtually impossible without help

If you want to hear the advice I gave him … the please watch this Video (Its 7mins long) as I share a key part in how to change his Identity and Relationship with Alcohol

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