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Is Working from Home Causing More Stress?

Is Working From Home Causing More Stress ❓

👉 Are you fighting more with your Wife?
👉 Are you expected to do more around the house and with the children?
👉 Are you getting Triggered more by your children?
👉 Do you feel constantly Distracted & Frustrated?
👉 And do you feel like what you do isn’t valued enough?

Well you’re not alone , 2020 & Covid has created enormous Work from Home opportunities for many people…

But the idea of freedom and independence has both Positive and Negatives for many Married Men with kids…

When your Environment changes dramatically it will expose your weaknesses and you’ll have to confront them sooner or later if you want to be a Better Businessmen, Husband and Father…

Look forward to hearing how Working from Home has impacted your Life both Positive and Negative 👇

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