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Is Your Ego Holding You Back

Is your EGO holding you back ❓

For most the Ego has become the Master when it was designed to be the Servant… Let me explain:

Your Ego = Conscious Mind, daily thoughts and decision making, when the Ego is so busy, overloaded and stressed we believe everything the Ego is telling us … Most of which is B.S ❗

The truth is, all the Egos thoughts and decisions are controlled by the Unconscious Mind = your Past… fears, desires, beliefs, programs, conditions, emotions, experiences

Everyone deep down is searching for ways to be Heart ❤ lead = Intuitive Self … This is your Souls truth and will help guide you to your true Passion and Purpose

FIRST – everyone must reprogram their negative Unconscious Mind to let go of Negative past programs (Ask me how)
SECOND – slow down the Egoic Mind from Neurotic Information gathering (Ask me how)
LASTLY – learn how to drop into your Heart and allow your Heart be the Master (Ask me how)

Enjoy this video 🎥 more about moving from your Ego to your Heart

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