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It took me 40 years to learn and embrace this

It took me 40 years to learn and embrace this 👇

And ever since my whole life has evolved year on year without any New Year Resolutions or Goal setting …

Humans are programmed to be DOers
👉 We set goals & NY resolutions to DO something different… Start a Diet, Exercise Program, Start a New Business, Budget etc etc

🧠 Humans are hardwired from birth to develop a Negative Bias , on average 80% of all your thoughts are negative, from Fear, Lack & Not Feeling Good Enough…

👉 When we are focus on DOing, we place our Energy on DOing things external to ourselves… So when we don’t DO it , start it or continue it… We reinforce our Negative Bias conditioning of Low Self Worth, Self Doubt, Fear & Lack

Now your Minds Negative Bias will beat you up, tell you to try harder, push harder or try something else, BUT worst of ALL it will make you attract more of what you don’t want 😩 to try and shut your Mind up

😠 This cycle results in most people De-Evolving year on year vs Evolving Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually year on year

We are Human BEings Not Human DOings

🙌 We are put on this Earth for 1 reason only to live out our Souls purpose… (5 years ago if someone said that to me I’d call them a weirdo)

To do this we need to be connected internal our Soul, Intuition, Heart and Spiritual Guidance which comes from BEing NOT DOing

This is easier said than done as your Negative Bias (like mine) is incredibly Strong and deeply programmed through Society, Family, Friends, Education, Environment, Social Media, News, World Events the list goes on…

👉 Who will you BE in 2022 without Fear, Doubt, Lack, comparison, Judgement, Anger, Jealousy, Guilt, Shame etc etc

Will you BE calm in the Chaos
Will you BE happy regardless of your Finances
Will you BE loving when someone projects Anger

👉 Write these down today instead of B.S. Resolutions
Ask yourself Questions about who you are BE-coming… This will develop your Positive Bias instead of reinforcing your Negative Bias and help you get closer to your Souls Purpose

Who would I BE without Alcohol❓
Who would I BE without Anger❓
Who would I BE without Sugar❓
Who would I BE without Social Media Influencing me❓
Who would I BE without more Money❓

By detaching yourself from Things & Thoughts that don’t serve you , You’ll stop giving it Energy and you’ll STOP attracting the opposite of what you truly desire

Make 2022 about you, its an Internal Journey about BEing and BEcoming who you are meant to be …

HAPPY NEW YEAR … 2022 is going to be amazing

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