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Leadership must come from a place of Stability!

Leadership must come from a place of Stability!❗

If you are in a Leadership position then you must understand the following:

Every pillar of your life is part of a whole … and if you have unstable pillars then it effects your whole , including how you show up as a Leader

Ask yourself from 1-10 how stable you are in the following pillars , are you invested or have you neglected 👇

👉 Mental Health and Mindset

👉 Physical Health and Energy

👉 Spiritual Health and Connection

👉 Love Partner and Marriage

👉 Parenting and Family

👉 Friends and Interests

👉 Business and Career

👉 Finances and Lifestyle

👉 Impact and Legacy

Your Leadership stability is how you show up in all areas of your life not just professional…

You’re only as Stable as your weakest pillar otherwise you’ll be wearing a façade to pretend you are stable

If you want to evolve your Leadership you need to create Stability in all pillars of your life …

This is what the World needs more of … are you ready to evolve your Leadership?

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