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Love Partner is Pillar No. 4

Love Partner is Pillar No. 4 in “The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness” for Married Businessmen 👇

❤ The Need To Feel Loved Is The Primary Human Emotional Need ❗

Men find it difficult to truly Love themselves due to programs, beliefs & behaviours learnt around Masculinity!

As Boys we are taught Conditional Love based on Good Behaviour & Achievement!
This is the single biggest reason High Achieving Men become Obsessed with creating Success as Neurologically its associated with feeling Loved & Good Enough!

So if they aren’t getting the Love, Respect & Support they crave from their Wife/Love Partner it creates huge Internal conflict & triggers!
Making Men Focus more on Business Success & avoiding Home Life Conflicts

If you Want to Improve your:
👉 Work/Life Balance
👉 Marriage & Communication
👉 Connection & Love
👉 Romance & Intimacy

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