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Married Businessmen, The Statistics Are Against You

If you are a Married Businessmen, the statistics are against you👇

At my recent Masterclass we discussed the challenges that Married Businessmen face … And the statistics behind how challenging Life can really be for a Married Businessmen

40% of Business Owners are stressed about Work
32% are Stressed about Finances
26% are Stressed from Juggling Responsibilities
16% have No Work-Life Balance

1 in 3 will end in Divorce (47% involve Kids under 18yrs)
27% Problems of Communication
21% Lost Connection
20% Trust Issues

3 in 4 Suicides are Men (Mental Health)
1 in 3 Men die of Cancer
5 Times more Men die of Heart Disease
“Stress in the body leads to all Illness & Disease”

These are Serious Stats , yet the worst of them all is
72% of Business Owners do not seek help when Stressed

If you care about your Health, Marriage & Business then seek out the right help for you

I help Married Businessmen transform their whole Life starting with their Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health👇

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