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Married Men! How often do you date your Wife?

Married Men❗ How often do you date your Wife❓

If you are like Tracey Gillies and I you’ve got extremely full lives

e.g. We have 2 Businesses, Clients, Staff, Finances, 3 Kids, Building a House, House Chores, School Activities, Sports, Personal Wellbeing, Friends, Family + all the unforeseen events like sickness or lockdowns to juggle

👉 So Date Nights can easily get put on the Back Burner if they aren’t a very high priority

Here’s a challenge in our Relationship that you may relate to …

My primary love Language is “Quality Time”
… so spending 1 on 1 time with Tracey lights me up

Tracey’s primary Love Language is “Acts of Service”
… So when she feels overwhelmed with the demands of Business, House Chores and Children then prioritising “Quality Time” with me isn’t her highest priority

So when our Date Nights & Friday Lunches get cancelled, I always felt Sad and Resentful … Until I made these changes:

1. Do the Planning Yourself!
Don’t put the added pressure on your Wife eg. Book the Date, Baby Sitter and plan in advance yourself

2. Make it spontaneous!
Not always Dinner or a Movie, book activities that are Fun, spontaneous and get you both Laughing, Smiling & Playing again

3. Understand your Wife’s Love Language !
Most Wives will have Acts of Service as a high Love Language (like Tracey)… Help out more often day to day to reduce her demands, so she has the Space to want to spend more quality time together..

Do the 5 Love Language Quizz

4. Priorities your Marriage!
Your Wife is your No.1 relationship, make it a very high priority, ensure your actions match this priority

Men, if you want to improve your Marriage take responsibly and work on it , nurture it, priorities it and don’t expect your Wife to be the one to fill your Love Bucket (She’s not your Mum)

If you want help Transforming your Marriage Communication & Connection book a call with me 📲

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