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Parenting/Family is Pillar No. 5

Parenting/Family is Pillar No. 5 in “The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness” for Married Businessmen 👇

You are the Conduit between your “Family of Origin” and your “Own Family” ❤

We learn & inherit our core programs, values & belief systems from our Family of Origin (Dad, Mum, Siblings, Grandparents etc) they’re the biggest Influences on how Men become Husbands & Fathers

Children learn from Behaviours, Actions & Habits…
Becoming the best Role Model & Emotional Intelligent Father is the biggest gift we can give our Children/Family

Some Behaviours Children learn from:
👉 Relationships (How they see their Parents relationship)
👉 Discipline (What’s the best discipline style)
👉 Being Present (How much Quality time is spent)
👉 Education (How we help them Navigate development)
👉 Emotional (How we help them regulate)

Surrounding yourself with other Men, open to becoming better Men, Husbands & Fathers is incredibly powerful.

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