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Prioritise Your Life!

Are you a Driven Married Businessmen who’s Frustrated he’s NOT living the level of Success, Love and Happiness he knows he should be ❓

In 2016 I hit Rock Bottom with Stress & Alcohol, it was a turning point in my life where I had to admit that the way I was leading my life wasn’t working and I needed help… Not more personal development , I needed deeper help , I needed healing, I needed self-discovery

The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness is a byproduct of me investing $10s thousands of $$ into myself as the N0.1 Business… and in doing so I’m now Living my dream Life, in alignment with my true potential and evolving every year! Instead of De-evolving

Like most Married Businessmen we go through stages in life from young, fit & ambitious to waking up one day where we have Sacrificed so much make Pillars 7 & 8 a Success … that we realise Pillars 1 to 6 are suffering or just good at best

When create a level of Business and Financial Success we expected Love and Happiness to be there and when its not we feel like we have failed

When we can’t fix things it rattles us, we feel Empty, Unhappy and Confused resulting in Anger, Avoidance and Self Sabotage… Resulting in a slow decline in Love and Happiness

This is a Reality for many Successful Driven Married Businessmen and yet we will NEVER ask for help because that would make all the negative feeling become our reality 😵‍💫

SO we do what we do best, Work harder, find more opportunities to make us Busy and more Money thinking this is the solution to not feeling like a failure, empty, lonely, lost and stuck

Enter 👉 The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness

The framework that helped me and many other Married Businessmen find true internal Happiness, Heal from years of Unhealthy Stress, become the Husband and Father you were never taught to be … and create the level of Success, Finances and Impact that is truly aligned with the potential we have inside of us …

Now the Image below is just an Image … Its the deep Internal Work that sits inside this Framework that’s the key …

AND it all starts with Mastering Pillar No.1 – Mental Health … until you Master your Mind all other Pillars will suffer

So I invite all Australian Married Businessmen (this time) to join me for a FREE 2 hour Workshop where I will take you through Pillar 1 , the section of the process our Private clients go through at The Evolved CEO retreats

It will be a 3 Stage process:
Stage 1 – Assessment (assess the 6 sub-categories of Mental Health)
Stage 2 – Education (understanding your Mind)
Stage 3 – Process (current self vs future self)

When: 14th July , 7pm AEST
Registration Link:
(Please follow the process so we can email you Zoom rego and Workbooks)

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