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Selfish vs Self-First

There is a big difference between Putting your SELF-FIRST & being SELFISH !

People who put themselves FIRST ❗
– Are Conscious of how they show up everyday
– Have the Energy to support & love the people in their lives
– Inspire others and lead by example
– Never Guilty in prioritising their Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health
– Have a lot of Self-Love and Self-Respect
– Aim to serve at a Level higher than themselves

People who are SELFISH❗
– Only thinking of themselves
– Live in a Survival State
– Often play the Victim
– Carry a lot of Insecurities
– Often Self Loth and Self Sabotage
– Feel Isolated and Alone

Your Internal World’s … Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health will determine how you show up in your External World…

If you want to be a better Partner, Parent, Colleague, Friend, Professional, Business Owner, Leader etc etc … YOU must carve out time everyday to put yourself first ❗❗❗

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