greg gillies

Selfish vs Self-First

Do you get called Selfish❓

I want to talk specifically to Married Businessmen who my be called Selfish and why it makes you Angry…

You get up early, 1 look at your phone, and your Brain is running 100 mph, thinking about Work, Clients, Staff, Solving Problems & the To Do Lists…
Before you know it the day is gone, you’re exhausted but your Brain is still racing, you get home, all you can think about is having Drink to decompress… You haven’t had a Minute to yourself all day, Your Wife and Kids want your attention but you’re not present and you know it 😔

Then you get called Selfish or you feel Guilty that your trying so hard but still feel like your Not Good Enough

To turn all of this around YOU must prioritise time to put yourself First, your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health… Then you will show up for those who really need you

How do you put your Self-First so you can be better for the people you Love❓

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