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Stop Avoiding the Void

Do You Avoid the Void❓

I did for most of my life… WHY❓ 👇

1️⃣ I didn’t understand what the Void was
2️⃣ The Void sucks… It makes you have to look at yourself , your pain, emptiness, sadness, confusion and so much more

So, What is the Void❓
👉 Its when your Energetic Vibration changes so quickly that you often enter into a state of either emotional, mental, physical or energetic frenzy of density, despair, numbness, pain, fear, doubt, negativity, detachment, or hopelessness.

👉 Our Natural survival instincts drive us to busyness or distraction like Work, Technology, Alcohol, Drugs etc to Avoid the pain of the Void

👉 By doing this you are missing out or delaying the Greatest time for Change, Growth, Evolution & Spiritual Awakening

In this Video 🎥… I share more about the Void and why its so Important for your Evolution, Growth and Happiness to allow yourself to embrace the Void

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