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Stop Chasing Fulfillment

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “fulfilled” as “feeling happy because you are getting everything that you want from your life”

The challenge is you feel you are lacking everything you want from life…

☹️You don’t have the Money you want
☹️You don’t have the Relationships you want
☹️You don’t have the Body you want
👉… the house, the cars, the holidays, the list goes on and on

You’ve been conditioned to attach your fulfilment and happiness to a future state, future life, future relationship or future accomplishment …

This is an endless cycle of chasing things external to yourself for moments of fulfilment and happiness…

🤦‍♂️ When you chase things from a place of Lack , you will create more Lack

👉 You’re missing the greatest lesson in life …

YOU already have fulfilment and happiness inside of yourself but you never find it until you disassociate everything external to yourself as your means of fulfilment

👉 To do this takes work , healing, deep self awareness and an awakening process

👉 This is hard to do if you’ve had 30, 40, 50+ years of conditioning around chasing fulfilment and happiness

If you want to be Happy and Fulfilled NOW then you’ll need to release the old conditioning

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