There is So Much “DUALITY” in The World

Be Honest… Are you caught up in it ?

Whether its the Duality of:
🔸 Politics
🔸 Covid
🔸 Vaccinations
🔸 Racial Riots
🔸 Religion
🔸 Cultures
etc etc

People think that in Duality they need to choose a side or have an opinion… Regardless of which side you choose there will always be conflict, negative and dis-empowerment…

👉 You don’t have to choose a side there is always a 3rd option
(This is the option that Tracey and I choose to take)

Watch This Video 🎥 to learn what Tracey Gillies – ¬†and I choose in the face of Duality

👉 What are your thoughts on Duality? 👇

Look forward to your Feedback and Comments on this topic

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