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Stop sacrificing your Energy in the pursuit of Wealth

🛑 Stop sacrificing your Energy in the pursuit of Wealth

In a group discussion with our Mastermind Businessmen last week

We discussed a really important topic around taking huge leaps of faith and letting go of contracts or clients that are no longer aligned with our new identity & vision for life

Here’s some insights for you all…

👉 Your Mind “ego” is not designed to naturally move you towards success, it’s designed for survival

👉 Your Mind has also been programmed for generations to be a provider and protector so our identity, value and self worth is highly attached to money

👉 When making big decisions that have financial implications you will be met with fear, uncertainty and a lot of mental resistance… it’s deeply engrained and innate in each of us

So instead of allowing the Ego to run away on you… ask yourself these 3 questions 👇

1️⃣ Is this client or contract aligned with my new vision, mission and principles?

2️⃣ If this client, position or contract did not have $$$ attached to it would I still give it my energy and time ?

3️⃣ If I let it go will I be ok ?

Remember Money doesn’t really exist it’s simply a man made mechanism for exchanging value …

What really exists is the Energy behind your Money Mindset ….

If you are sacrificing your personal Energy behind Money out of fear of losing or letting go of Money you are creating an energetic restriction in your ability to manifest abundance and become truly happy and content

There is an abundance of wealth in the world , you just need to embrace your Energy behind money not sacrifice your energy for Money…

There is no lack … these are simply old beliefs engrained in you from birth, that are enhanced by mainstream media fear and scarcity …

When you understand the Energetic quality you want to have in your life and focus on that then you’ll attract abundance

E.g. For me Money meant Power and Power meant having choices… however I use to give all my Power away in the pursuit of Money (It was energetically restricting the ability to manifest more Wealth)

Create your own world inside of this world with fear or limitations

What is your Energy behind Money ?
Power, Safety, Freedom, Pride, Connection, Peace

Now ask yourself where are you giving this Energy away ?

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