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Stop treating your Wife like your Mother ..

Does your Wife trigger you, make you feel Angry or feel like no matter what you do it’s Never Good Enough ❓

This is common for many high achieving Married Men, WHY?

👉 Because you are following in your fathers footsteps, programmed to be a Provider & Protector, thinking if I support the family financially your job is done…

👉 Do you expect your Wife to take care of the House, the Kids, maybe hold a Job plus support everyone Emotionally, when they come home from a bad day at Work or School

😢 Your Wife feels like she is your Mum, she needs your emotional support more than ever, but your constantly stuck in your head thinking about Work, Business, Finances etc .. She feels like you don’t care about her & only care about yourself… This is causing the Drama, Conflict and Fighting…
(Its not your fault you’re programmed this way)

BUT, its 100% your Responsibility to change before you destroy your marriage…

👉 If your Marriage is struggling and you know you need to be better but don’t know how to change … then book a call with me for a chat 👇

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