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Stop treating your Wife like your Mother ..

Do you want to Improve Your Marriage?

Are you treating your Wife like your Mother?

This is incredibility common in relationships whether you like to admit it or not… Over time our Wives end up dealing with all our Insecurities, Negative Emotions and our need to feel Loved…

Why? Because Men truly don’t become Mature Adults until late in life 40s even 50s … But we cover up all our Insecurities to the outside World with bravado, facades and masks …

BUT! when your home the bravado, facades and masks drop and your poor Wife has to jungle between being a Wife and your Mother! Depending on what mood you’re in!

AND! If she highlights our shortfalls then our Inner Child gets triggered and we behave so poorly that our marriage starts to suffer! But you think it’s her fault! 😤

In this Video I share what you can do to change these patterns to Improve your Marriage & help your Wife feel safe so she can drop into her Feminine …

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