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Stress is a Lazy Word For Fear

If you sit down with a pen & paper to unpack why you’re stressed … it will always lead back to fear

Business Stress – negative cashflow, staff leaving, unhappy clients
(you fear never getting the time and financial freedom you desire)

Marriage Stress – poor communication, not aligned, constant drama
(you fear rejection, being unloved, unwanted and alone )

Health Stress – over weight, inflammation, irritable, unfit, poor sleep and shitty diet
(you fear you’ll never be healthy, happy & content )

It’s not the Stress that’s your issue , it’s the Fear that’s driving the Stress that the issue

If you want your Business, Marriage and Health to evolve, be aligned and in harmony then you must release the fear based programming and heal yourself from years of stress

This is the initial foundation of The Evolved CEO process … everything you truly desire is on the other side

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