Evolved CEO | Episode 7 | The Truth Behind Burnout

In today’s world, stress surrounds us—at work, at home, and in our relationships. But how do we know what is too much and what effect stress is really having on us?

In this weeks episode of The Evolved CEO podcast your host, Greg, and Tracey Gillies. discuss the normalization of stress and burnout and how it affects the mind, body, energy, and spiritual connection of business leaders. 

They also divulge topics like how stress and burnout affect so many business leaders’ relationships at home and how stress and burnout affect their business, their performance, and their leadership in the business arena.

Tune in now and learn more about how to handle your stress! And more importantly how to heal from it 


(01:18)How Does Stress Affect the Brain?

(05:54)What Are the Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction?

(11:08)Why Stress and Burnout have  been Normalized?

(16:35) Creating Disconnection & Dysfunction in Our Spiritual and Metaphysical Field

(22:27)How to Get Back to What You Truly Desire?

(24:37)How does your Stress and Burnout affect your Relationships?

(29:14)Why Most People Don’t Question the Life They Have?

(34:01) What Can People Do to Start Healing their Mind, Body, and Spirit?

(38:41)Take a Step Back and Assess Your Life

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Evolved CEO | Episode 3 | What Your Mind Really Does To Your Body

Our thoughts are powerful. They may seem like they’re just flitting through our minds at random—like birds in the sky and little more than unconnected, random thoughts—but they actually have a huge impact on our physical health. 

In today’s Episode of The Evolved CEO Podcast, your host, Tracey, and Greg discuss how your mind affects your body. They’re going to be taking you on a real deep dive to understand the physiology and some really important ideas around where to focus to improve your physical health.

Are your thoughts helping or hurting your health? Tune in now and Learn more!


(04:16) How mind control the nervous system?

(06:47) How the mind and body are connected and how it affects health?

(10:35) The yo-yo effect and the all-or-nothing effect

(14:28) The Underlying Issue Of Normalizing Burnout and Stress

(16:40) How healing is the way to recover and change your whole life?

(19:16) What Is Glandular Fever?

(21:00) What can people do now to improve their health and healing?

(24:17) What does a person should look for?

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