Evolved CEO | Episode 2 |Our Mindset, Brain Development, & Mental Health


The way we think about ourselves, our brains, and our mental health are all intertwined. Here’s what you should know about mindset, brain development, and mental health.

In today’s Episode of The Evolved CEO Podcast, your host, Tracey, and Greg discuss the stages of brain development, how the world we live in has an impact on our mental health and how technology and social media are affecting our mental health.

Tune in now and become more aware of your mind!


(01:02) Brain Development Stages

(07:21) How Mindset is the root cause of all diseases?

(11:26) Why Mental health is more than just thinking positively?

(15:23) How to cut down on those survival responses that we don’t even realize we are constantly replaying?

(20:10) What is the masculine egoic mind?

(22:27) What you can do to help your mind and your mental health?

(24:23) How Morning routines are only as good as bedtime routines?

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