Evolved CEO | Episode 6 |Family Dynamics and Parenting

Family is an important part of most people’s lives, and the dynamics within a family affect every choice we make, and Understanding family dynamics can help us guide how we want to parent our children.

Welcome back to another episode of The Evolved CEO podcast, with your host, Greg, and Tracey Gillies. They will discuss Family Dynamics, which includes the family you were born into and your upbringing as well as that nuclear unit of yours. This is an important topic for businessmen who are consumed with trying to be a success in every area of life but don’t know how to balance their professional lives with time spent at home with their kids.

Tune in now and learn more about how become better people, better partner and better parents!


(00:53 )The Challenges faced during Parenting Period

(05:02)What are the developmental stages that children go through?

(07:17) What are some of the stages in your relationship with your child?

(16:48) How each child’s needs are different

(21:46)How do you deal with a child who is addicted to gaming and technology anf Its impact on children’s mental health

(28:15) How Mental health is becoming a norm in our world

(33:12)The biggest thing we’ve done for our kids.

(35:56) Parenting 101: Judgment and Comparison

(39:11)What is your number one advice to other parents?

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Evolved CEO | Episode 3 | What Your Mind Really Does To Your Body

Our thoughts are powerful. They may seem like they’re just flitting through our minds at random—like birds in the sky and little more than unconnected, random thoughts—but they actually have a huge impact on our physical health. 

In today’s Episode of The Evolved CEO Podcast, your host, Tracey, and Greg discuss how your mind affects your body. They’re going to be taking you on a real deep dive to understand the physiology and some really important ideas around where to focus to improve your physical health.

Are your thoughts helping or hurting your health? Tune in now and Learn more!


(04:16) How mind control the nervous system?

(06:47) How the mind and body are connected and how it affects health?

(10:35) The yo-yo effect and the all-or-nothing effect

(14:28) The Underlying Issue Of Normalizing Burnout and Stress

(16:40) How healing is the way to recover and change your whole life?

(19:16) What Is Glandular Fever?

(21:00) What can people do now to improve their health and healing?

(24:17) What does a person should look for?

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