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Take Full Responsibility

Video 3 of 5 : “HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE” series…


If you are serious about Improving Your Marriage, then it’s Important you make the decision to Take Full Responsibility for your Actions, Words, Behavior and how you show up for your partner …

“You Can Not Change Your Partner… You Can Only Change Yourself”

What You Have To STOP:

– Stop Blaming and Playing the Victim

– Stop Judging and Comparing your Partner

– Stop Using Negative Words and Thoughts

– Stop Entertaining the Drama Triangle

– Stop Shutting Down and Ignoring the Problems

What You Have To START:

– Journal all the Negative YOU bring to the Marriage and start changing YOU

– Learn Your Partners Love Language (see Video 1)

– Start Listening Intuitively to understand what your Partner really needs (see Video 2)

– Fill your own Love Tank first, Stop expecting your Partner to Fill your Tank

– Lead by example in your Marriage… Be the Bigger Person

The best way to support your Partner to want to change is to be the Change…

This Starts with YOU focusing on Improving YOU… The more you can work on yourself and Love Yourself the more Love and Compassion you can bring to your Marriage.

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