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The Modern Day Man’s Mid-life Crisis

Are you having a Mid-Life Crisis?

Growing up my understanding of a Mans Midlife Crisis was a point where he feels unfulfilled and needs to fill this void.. Often by having an Affair or buying an expensive toy (Harley, Sports car etc)

Well the Modern Day Mans Midlife Crisis is a lot more complex than that as we live in different times …

Men are programmed to leave School and go Work Hard to create a good life for themselves… They Hustle, Grind and push themselves based on Societies Standards… Then 10-20 years later they start feeling Unhappy, Unfulfilled, Stuck, Empty and asking “Who am I” or “What do I really want”.

Having an Affair or buying Toys will never fill this Void, as they are external gratification and will add to the problem..

If you feel like this 👉 Confused, Overwhelmed, Lost, Stressed, & Stuck and you want to change it then please book a confidential call with me …

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