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There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

So why do so many people struggle or worry about Money all the time

It’s 2 things:

  1. Your Money Mindset

👉When you have a poor Money Mindset you think there is a lack of it
👉You are afraid of changing careers or businesses to do something your passionate about
👉You never feel like you have enough
👉You get triggered by World events e.g. Inflation, Pandemics

Where does this Lack Money Mindset come from?

Your Past Generations

Who lived through the Industrial Revolution, World Wars, Great Depressions

when it was predominantly Upper Class & Lower Class (Middle Class was very small)

But now Middle Class is huge yet they carry unconscious Lower Class Money Blocks past down

  1. Your Money Energy

This is incredibly important and powerful
We all have an Energy behind Money or what it truly represents to use as an individual

If you are not living in alignment with your Energy behind Money then you won’t attract it


My energetic quality behind Money is Power , meaning the more Money I have the Power I have to do good with it

However for Most of my life I would give away my Power to try make Money …

My sacrifices and obsession with Money took away my Power and limited the amount of Money I attracted …

I would work harder & harder never thinking I had enough or constantly thinking of new ways to make more Money ultimately killing my Power …

🙌 I must be in my Power first to then elevate my energy to attract Money

Once you understand this, and your Energetic quality behind Money you’ll understand it’s abundant and available to attract

What it your Energy and Mindset behind Money ❓

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