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Understanding the 3 Levels of Trust

The 3 Levels of Trust

We live in a Trust economy… There is no greater asset to develop than Trust…

People have access to unlimited amounts of Information… so if your Message, Content, Delivery, Expertise & Ethics are not congruent both online and offline , then you will limit your potential in Relationships, Business, Sales… basically everything …

The 3 Levels of Trust are 👇

  1. Character >>> Do you portray a Trustworthy character?
  2. Competence >>> Does you content/message portray Competence?
  3. .Themselves >>> Are you able to help people trust themselves in making smart decisions?

In this Video I share how using LinkedIn is an incredible platform for building 1 and 2 and then 3 is something you develop as you master yourself …
then you can truly help others to believe in themselves ❤️

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Here’s to building Trust 🙏

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