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Understanding the Effects of Parental Programming

What Negative Programs did you get from your Parents❓

The single biggest Influences in your Life are your Parents…

Your Brain developmental stages from
Child -> Adolescence -> Young Adult
are developed by the Influencers, Behaviours, Events & Environment we grew up in!

When I talk to Men they tell me they had a Normal Upbringing… But what is Normal?

Did your Parents❓

👉 Have a Loving Marriage? or Divorce?
👉 Stress and Worry about Money?
👉 Give you Unconditional Love? Or Yell & Hit you?
👉 Did they Love themselves? Or Abuse themselves?
👉 Did they manage their Emotions? or Explode in Rage?
👉 Where Alcohol & Drugs their priority?
etc etc etc

If you Truly want to Find Yourself & Become the Best Version of Yourself … One of the first things you need to do is get help releasing Negative Parental Programming that is holding you back…

Why is this so challenging for most people ? Because they believe their upbringing was Normal!

Do You Want To Be Normal or Extraordinary ❓

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