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Was your Father an Angry Drunk?

Was your Father an Angry Drunk❓

For a lot of people it’s YES … and as children having a parent like this is extremely damaging !

When we are young our Unconscious Brain & Neural Pathways are heavily formed by the most influential people in our lives (Our Parents)

If you grew up with a Father or Mother who was an Angry Drunk a lot these core beliefs you will have at a deep Unconscious Level that are affecting massively as an Adult !

Core Beliefs:
😢 I’m Not Good Enough
😢 I’m Not Wanted , Not Worthy
😢 I’m Unlovable
😢 I’m Unsafe
😢 I’m Scared, Afraid, Alone, Lost

Here are some Behaviours you may have now:
☹ Problem with Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Porn etc
☹ Anger / Rage / Frustration
☹ Worry and Stress a lot
☹ Care what others think of you
☹ Unhappy, nothing’s ever Good Enough
☹ You’re a Workaholic & put huge pressure on yourself
☹ You struggle to Relax and Be Present

The Absolute worst thing about having poor Parents is our Childhood Brains pick up their Negative Behaviours, Programs & Emotions … And then as Adults we show the same Behaviours & Emotions that we resented the most in our Parents 🤬

This is all to common, if you relate to this content and you want to discuss clearing Parental Programming … Book a call with me for a chat📲

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