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What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want ?

For years all of my wants and desires where about me, materialistic in nature and came from a place of trying to fill a Void of Lack, Unhappiness & Unfulfillment…

How bad do you want it ?

I wanted these things badly…
The challenge was they were superficial and when I achieved them it’s wasn’t good enough… I still felt unfulfilled and would just move the goal and push myself harder…

What changed ?

I healed myself, found my purpose and
I moved my Focus to being of service to others …

🙌This Was a Game Changer🙌

As you read this Quote, ask yourself these questions 👇

🔸Why do I really want without fear?
🔸Is my wants to fill a void in my life?
🔸What difference will it make?
🔸How will it benefit others?
🔸What impact will it make in the World?

When we move our Wants & Focus from ourselves to being of Service to others , then all our personal desires start flowing into our lives

What do you really want and what are you willing to do to get it ?


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