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What stage of your Leadership evolution are you in?

What stage of your Leadership evolution are you in?

Whether you Own a Business or run a Corporation leadership is an ongoing journey and is so much more than your position professionally

What stage of your Leadership are you in?

STAGE ONE – Start-up

You’re doing or across everything… end to end sales, fulfilment, recruitment, build and maintaining a team, cashflow management etc …

👉 Your biggest Leadership challenge is self preservation and not burning yourself out

STAGE TWO – Team is in place silos and divisions of being formed, training, coaching and leadership evolution is paramount to maintaining your team and elevating your team into leadership management roles,

👉 Your Biggest Leadership challenge is Coaching ability to bring the best out in your people

STAGE THREE – Completely removing yourself from business operations, so you can invest time in your genius zone, working on the Business Development and Strategic Direction … Conscious Leadership evolution is paramount , coaching, business development and potential product development at this stage you need time to be creative

👉 Your Biggest Leadership challenge is you forgot to evolve the above 2 correctly and you now feel the fatigue and exhaustion from years of hustle and grind …

The biggest challenge facing leaders in business and corporate is getting stuck between stage one and two it is easy to look at all the external factors that have caused you to feel stuck in either stage but the truth is everything is so centered around you as the leader.

Its time to evolve Mentally, Energetically and Spiritually to elevate every area of your life

Key understanding leadership is not one-dimensional if you are not congruent with your leadership in how you look after yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, your loving relationships and private life plus your business you will struggle to be the greatest leader

Which is all tied to your Impact and Legacy …

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