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What’s The Most Expensive Mistake Married Businessmen Can Make?

What’s The Most Expensive Mistake Married Businessmen Can Make?❓👇
A. Taking your Marriage and Wife for granted…

Divorce or Separations are as high as 50% … what’s the cost ?

1️⃣ The Financial cost 💲- divorce is a $28 billion + industry with up to 80% of divorce initiated by women

2️⃣ The Emotional cost 💔 – the toll this takes on both Adults & Children is immeasurable… the learnings and emotional trauma will carry over to the next generation

3️⃣ The Unhappiness Cost – Living in a Loveless Marriage 🖤 – both parents become withdrawn, unhappy &
resentful… the programming this puts on children about relationships will often repeat in their adult life

WHY do Men take their Marriage / Wife for granted ❓

👉 Because they carry evolutionary and generational programming about what a Masculine Man and a Provider looks like…

They weren’t taught how to:
– Be a great Husband
– Be Emotionally available
– Be a great Listener
– Be a great Role Model
– Be a multi-dimensional Man

👉 The Biggest / Most Expensive mistake you can make is not working on yourself at the deepest Neurological, Physiological and Spiritual aspects …

If you are ready to go through a Paradigm Shift and take your Life to the Next Level of Success, Love and Happiness then let’s chat 📲

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