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When CEO’s & Business Owners come to us their Energy is Low

When CEO’s & Business Owners come to us their Energy is Low

WHY? Because for years they have been the Thermostat and the Thermometer , which ends up draining them …

What do I mean ?

👉 Most CEO’s and Business Owners have a lot more Pressures, Demands and Responsibilities than the average Joe… This is by choice as they have worked extremely hard to achieve the level of success and status that they have

BUT❗, they almost all, become the Thermostat in Business life as they are the leader, the example, its their responsibility to maintain the Energy within their Business and Organisation

HOWEVER❗, they almost all, become the Thermometer in their home life, as they have very little Energy left over for Family, they get easily triggered by the Energy at home , unhappy wife, fighting children who don’t listen

👉 If you feel like all your Positive Energy is being transferred into your Business life and there is little left over for your Family life … then you are not alone …

❓ Are you putting all your Energy into Business, Finances, Staff, Clients etc which leaves you feeling drained, empty and exhausted at home… Then you feel Guilty and Sad they you can’t be present for the people you love!!! So you distract yourself with your Phone, Alcohol, Food etc …. 👇

Creating a very Negative Energy loop between Professional and Personal Life ❗

👉 If so then maybe its time to heal and balance your Energy, Mind & Body so you can have balance across your whole life

Want to learn how to heal your Energy and be more balanced across your life❓, ask me how and book a call 📲

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