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Why Do Men get to Breaking Point Before Asking for Help

Don’t get to Breaking Point before Getting Help!

Why do so many Men in particular having to get to breaking point or something bad has happening before they get help?

Reason 1: CONTROL – The Internal Dialogue and Self Talk that says “She’ll Be Right” I can sort this out on my own… (This is usually about needing to be in Control)

REASON 2: FEAR – Fear of being Vulnerable or feeling Weak.. (This is the Weakness in and of itself)

These reasons are very common with High Achievers as the Need to be in Control and Strong have served them well in Life but then these traits can become Self-Sabotaging.

We live in a different World than our parents and grandparents MEN need to Evolve more than ever to be
The Best Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, Business Owners, Role Models and most Important Love Themselves

You don’t have to be Broken or get to Breaking Point to go on a Deep Self Transformation (This will create your Ultimate Strength)

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