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Why & How did you GIVE UP ALCOHOL

Do you have a Love / hate Relationship with Alcohol ❓

What does this mean… Love/Hate relationship…

You really “Love” having a drink, it helps you relax, you’re more sociable, fun and happier after a few drinks …

But you often take it to far, “Hate” or get into Negative Habits with Alcohol e.g. The negative side effects of Alcohol are effecting your Health, Relationships and Performance!

Is Alcohol holding you back from accessing your true potential in Success 💲 , Love ❤ and Happiness 😁 ❓

In this Video Adrian Lea asks me why did I give up Alcohol on my 40th Birthday after being a big drinker my whole adult life !

If this information resonates with you and Alcohol doesn’t serve you at all then maybe its time to remove it from your life !!!

Here’s the Link to the full interview

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