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Working with a client this week who was struggling with Disappointment in his marriage …

Working with a client this week who was struggling with Disappointment in his marriage …

As we unpacked the emotion of disappointment in his relationship… we went back to an unconscious memory of when he was 7 years old

👉 This memory was of him and his 2 brothers sitting at the top of the stairs in their PJs watching through the railings as his parents had another huge fight …

😭 The Trauma this caused his 7 yr old created a paradigm in his Unconscious Mind that has lead his beliefs about relationships for the next 30+ years

What was his Paradigm ❓

📦 He created a Box in his Mind to protect himself … in this box he created 2 things …

1️⃣ He created a set of rules to protect himself against conflict in relationships

2️⃣ He pushed all negative emotions triggered by potential conflict or arguments into this box

This BOX is like a jack in the Box as he uses so much energy holding the lid down through fear of what happens if it pops

How does this affect him as an Adult ❓

He takes on everyone’s problems in Business as his Box is trying solve everyone’s problems to avoid potential conflict or disappointment

This level of pressure creates enormous mental, physical & emotional stress, overwhelm and frustration… as he tries so hard to keep it all down in the box

He feels consumed by his business and doesn’t know how to remove himself from the day to day operations

He avoids any conflict with his Wife, any sign of negativity or argument triggers the Box and he shuts down and stops communicating …

His wife feels unheard, unloved and like he doesn’t care about her

They Love each other however years of this cycle has caused poor communication, disconnection and a lot of sadness

He is in repeating cycles of Fight or Flight stress … this creates deep survival stress in his Mind and Body … this stress results overwhelm, anxiety, restlessness and finds it really hard to slow down, relax and be present …

SO how are Tracey and I helping this client go through Paradigm Shifts and create the Success, Love & Happiness he truly desires ❓

1️⃣ I’m taking him through a process of unpacking and releasing all the paradigms and beliefs picked up from all the major influences in his childhood…
E.g. Mum, Dad, Siblings and others

Helping him unpack all his emotions , patterns & habitual cycles to release the blocks and restrictions holding him back

Helping him change relationship dynamics at Home and Business so he can free himself from unhealthy communication patterns

2️⃣ Tracey is healing his Energy, glands and organs from years of unhealthy stress in his Mind and Body

She’s releasing all the negative Energy, Entities & Spiritual attachments to his Paradigms and Boxes

She’s helping him align with his Divinity, Higher Spiritual Guidance for life changing Paradigm Shifts

How many Paradigms or Boxes do you have controlling your life ❓

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