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You are creating an Impact & Legacy everyday!

You are creating an Impact and Legacy Everyday❗️

But are you intentional about it❓

👉 Some people think creating an Impact and Legacy is only for those who are wealthy, famous or Influencers

The truth is every day you are making an Impact and creating a legacy … yet if you’re not intentional and self aware then your Impact and Legacy could be causing harm not good

Example: A Married Businessmen

They have a wife, kids, family, friends, staff, clients etc that they Impact daily

If a Married Businessmen doesn’t prioritise his Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health as his N0.1 focus daily then his Impact will seriously decline:

👉 Feeling Stressed, Low Energy, at work causes stress, uncomfort and concern amongst employees

👉 Feeling Restless and Angry at home making his wife sad and worried

👉 Being Impatient and distracted with his kids making them feel unloved and unworthy

👉 Being Overworked, Overwhelmed and Time poor making him neglect his Family and Friends

The negative impact is counterintuitive to what he wants , but he feels stuck , out of control and overwhelmed with the thoughts of letting people down … this is not what he planned yet this is his reality

👉 Its important to remember that Impact and Legacy isn’t something that you do later … you are creating it every minute of everyday …

If you truly want to create a positive Impact and Legacy for the people in your life then you must Focus on this :

Constantly becoming the best version of yourself by prioritising and improving your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health (Your Inner World)

👉 Then the Impact and Legacy you will reflect and Impact others in your Outside World … this is when you will find Inner joy and happiness 💡

If you would like to Assess your whole Life and create a greater Impact & Legacy then book a call with me for a chat 💬

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